cut and blow dry
Cut & blow
This service includes a complimentary fringe trim in-between your 8 week appointment
Blow dry
Straight, curly, tousled & beachy whatever style you desire.
I’ve got you covered!

colour menu

All colours used in Love Hair contain cotton seed oil, rice protein, sunflower extract to leave hair silky smooth and shiny. All colours are Vegan & cruelty free!


Root tint
Root tints cover over those pesky roots or sparkly bits!
Price is dependant on root size and includes blending the previous colour and root colour in seamlessly.
Full head colour
Full head colour is painting the whole head from root to tip.
Price is dependant on the length of your hair and thickness.
Full head colours can be used to completely cover grey using a permanent or demi pernament for something non committal.

balayage options

The tease
This technique gives you the illusion of multi-tonal hair and is great for people wanting more lightness on the ends of their hair or away from the roots.
This works on clients with already existing coloured hair that are wanting warmer tones from their balayage.
This look is low maintenance and can be done as little as once a year alongside a regular root touch up.
Add a root tint on this look for £32

This package includes
  • Olaplex - to keep your hair strong healthy and shiny
  • Balayage
  • Toning - to create beautiful multitonal effects
This technique is NOT for people who are head sore.
The glow up
The glow up is a perfect technique for people with no current colour in their hair that are wanting to add brightness around of the front of there hair.
This technique is bespoke to Love Hair.
The glow up will take no longer than an hour to apply and is great for people on the go!
You can be in and out of the salon in 3 hours or under depending on the desired effect, including a cut and blow.
This technique can be topped up with a toner and can last over 8 weeks.

This package includes
  • Olaplex - A treatment added to your colour to protect your hair from damage leaving your hair stronger shinier and healthier.
  • A toner - to add a lipgloss like shine to your hair.
Shimmer and sparkle
A 6 hour session of transforming your hair with microfine babylights and teasing techniques.
This specific technique gives the illusion of muli-tonal natural shimmery sun kissed hair.
Think of that gorgeous Australian blonde.
This specific technique can last anywhere from 6 months to a year with the occasional toner.
This technique is great for people with the odd few greys who wants to blend them in.

This package includes
  • The balayage
  • Olaplex - A treatment added to your colour to protect your hair from damage leaving your hair stronger shinier and healthier.
  • Multitonal toning - to give your hair shine and depth
  • Cut & blow

highlighting & lowlighting

All highlighting services include a toner.

Wanting more of a pop to your highlights?

To brighten up the ends ask for a tip out for an additional £20. This technique works by carefully placing colour on the remaining weaved out hair to give the ends a sun kissed look.

Wanting to change your highlights to babylights? Add £20 on to your highlighting service.

Babylights are tiny microfine highlights that mimic the subtle dimensional hair colour seen in children’s hair. This technique leads to a much softer regrowth when growing out. People feel they can stretch their 8 week appointments slightly longer.

With all lightening services I would recommend adding Olaplex to your colour which adds strength and condition to your hair for £15.

Fullhead foils
Highlights or lowlights that cover over your full head
1/2 head foils
Highlighting service that covers your parting to the crown and down besides the ears
Herringbone parting foils
Parting herringbone highlights concentrates on the top section of your hair where your parting is.
This herringbone technique gives you a much softer look when highlights start to grow out.
Disguise and delight
This is the perfect technique to have in between full head foils.
Disguise and delight covers the key areas of your head where you will see noticeable re-growth.
Foils are expertly placed to give the illusion of more coverage in the key areas you need it.
Personalised colour
This package is tailored to your individual needs.
Whether it be a concern about grey regrowth or wanting a handful of highlights for brightness this package is the one for you.


Smoothing treatment
This smoothing treatment rejuvenates hair bringing it back to it's healthy original state by actively conditioning and revitalising the hair. The hair smoothing treatment eliminates frizz locks in colour and reduces blow drying time for up to 12 weeks

This package includes
  • The keratin treatment
  • Cut & blow
  • Discount off 72 shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to prolong your smoothing services.